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Click & Pledge

Drove a 23% increase in free trials and 5% increase in subscriptions by redesigning the fundraising platform’s landing page. Ran 6 competitive analyses, simplified product portfolio, overhauled UX through in-person user interviews and heat maps, prototyped designs in Adobe XD, and co-developed website in WordPress 4.8.

Product Designer • Summer to Fall '17 • Blacksburg, VA



When I first browsed through Click & Pledge’s (C&P) landing page, it felt rather technical – it had all the details one could need, but it wasn’t approachable for our target demographic. This observation, combined with my previous non-profit experience in India, led me to hypothesize that there was a communication gap between C&P and its intended customers. I set out to validate this hypothesis.


Role & Process

As the project's only Product Designer, I led the research and design process end-to-end. I conducted competitive/user research, led cross-functional brainstorming sessions, redesigned the landing page's information architecture, and developed new branding/marketing guidelines.

User Study & Heat Mapping
I conducted on-site user studies with 5 customers and leveraged Hotjar to heatmap the entire website. This enabled us to better understand user behavior.

Information Architecture
I restructured the website, especially the landing page, to be less content-heavy and easier to navigate. I also prioritized the product catalog, so that only the top 6 (down from 11) would be featured.

Hi-Fi Prototypes & Development
I created high-fidelity clickable prototypes in Adobe XD and collaborated with Engineering to take the landing page live.

Competitive Research
I first investigated similar products – Classy, Crowdrise, GoFundMe, etc. – to identify C&P's strengths and weaknesses.

The original hypothesis was confirmed: users were getting confounded by the overly technical details on the landing page. In collaboration with Engineering and Marketing, I brainstormed ideas to bridge the communication gap between C&P and its users. This resulted in a rebranding initiative, focused on humanizing C&P. 

Customer Interviews
After low-fidelity mocks were ready, I validated our product direction by interviewing 10 users (5 current users, 5 non-users).

Evaluative Research
I collected qualitative feedback through heatmaps, on-site interviews, and unmoderated online user studies. 



I combined my business and analytical background with skills in design to build a human-centered solution. I leveraged findings from my competitive analyses, user interviews, and heat maps to ensure that the redesigned landing page would (A) adapt to existing user behavior vs. replace them and (B) address the major pain point of simplifying the signup journey for new users.

The new C&P landing page, redesigned as a part of this effort, was positioned as a one-stop shop for all visitors. For new users, it included a summary of C&P’s impact, product portfolio, and top clients. For returning users, it included a readily accessible login button. These features were the result of many design iterations with engineering, leadership, and most importantly, our users.

Here's one of the mid-fi prototypes. It's interactive, so feel free to click around!

If the plug-in isn't loading, click on the hyperlink above to access it instead.


The new landing page unlocked many improvements: (A) signing up was 1 click away vs. 6 clicks originally, (B) product listings were down to 6 from 11, and (C) 23% increase in free trials and 5% increase in subscriptions were recorded.

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