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Redesigned the online bus ticketing experience for an Indian e-commerce platform with 40M+ users. Ran 5 competitive analyses, defined user scenarios, overhauled UX through usability tests, prototyped designs in Adobe XD, and refined prototypes based on user feedback.

Product Designer • December '16 – January '17 • New Delhi, India



Circa 2016, Snapdeal was on a mission to become more than an e-commerce platform. It wanted to be the one-stop-shop for all consumer needs – from shoes to airplane tickets. My goal as a Product Designer was to design the interface for Snapdeal's bus ticketing platform. This was in partnership with redBus, an online bus ticketing platform with 20M+ users in 6 countries.

Snapdeal Banner 1@2x.png

Role and Process

I was on a Product Design team of 5 and involved from ideation through hand-off to Engineering. I helped conduct research and facilitate cross-functional brainstorming sessions. I lead the design process and worked with Engineering to scope out feasibility.

User Personas

Our users were spread all across India with varying literary and lingual abilities. To design a universal solution, we interviewed 20 users in-person from the Greater Delhi Area to understand needs and pain points. 

Customer Interviews

Our team validated these lo-fi mocks with the original research cohort.

Evaluative Research

I collected qualitative feedback through in-person usability studies with the original 20-user cohort. I also tested with 10 new users on iOS and Android devices.

Since Snapdeal was rolling out new features as MVPs, we only had a month to do our research and come up with a design for Engineering to develop. Our Design team established scope with Product, Engineering, and Marketing to determine constraints. 

Lo-Fi Mocks
Flows needed to be simple and easy to follow. I developed lo-fi mocks in multiple languages, so they could be tested at scale.

Hi-Fi Prototyping

I developed hi-fi prototypes in AdobeXD. These were reviewable on iPhones and Androids.

MVP Rollout
I collaborated with Engineering and Marketing to ship the MVP and advertise it.



The goal of this project was to give India’s diverse users the ability to book bus tickets through their phones. The solution was a non-native web app developed in partnership with redBus atop Snapdeal’s native mobile app.

Here's the hi-fi prototype. It's interactive, so feel free to click around!

If the plug-in isn't loading, click on the hyperlink above to access it instead.

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