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At Foundation, I design zero-to-one solutions for lean startups by operating at the intersection of product design, user research, and system’s thinking. In this project, I helped Kift redesign their marketing website and sign-up experience for new users. 

Lead Designer • July - August '23 • Remote



Kift is a community initiative to create opportunities for people to share spaces and experiences in beautiful places. Using mobile tiny-homes as bedrooms — Kift shares access to a network of stunning community properties for co-working, cooking, and connecting — Kift members are co-creating a new way of living.


Kift is working towards a brighter future, one that is community-owned and run, sustainable, accessible, dynamic, and integrated with nature. This is where I come in. Kift needed a new face to match this vision and a stronger digital voice to better communicate with new members.

Sneak Peek

While I work on a more elaborate dive into my design process and the journey I took to get to the end result, check out these before and after prototypes of the mobile and web redesigns.

Note: it may take a few moments for the Figma plug-in to load the interactive prototypes.





More coming soon...

Stay tuned for a detailed update! I'm ramping on another client right now but hope to have an update on the process, metrics, and impact soon. Thanks for taking the time to view my work!

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